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Farm or ranch and agricultural fencing are an essential type of commercial fencing at Pro Fencing Fayetteville NC. Whether you need fencing for your livestock, horses, or crops, we are just a phone call away. We are the best fence company Fayetteville NC residents trust to handle commercial agricultural fencing. 

Many farms and ranches in Fayetteville span acres; this makes many farm owners have budgetary concerns, but with Pro Fencing Fayetteville NC, you do not have to worry because we provide affordable fencing solutions such as alternative payment plans for your farm or ranch. Our team of professionals will develop a detailed plan by coming up with fencing solutions that cut costs. We also provide affordable commercial fencing services to make it cheaper to fence Fayetteville NC and its surrounding areas.  

Most Common Types of Agriculture and Farm Fencing

When selecting a fence for your farm/ranch, you have to consider factors such as cost and the type of fencing material. The following are some of the methods of how we go about fencing Fayetteville NC:

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Wooden fences have existed for centuries, and to date, some farm owners still prefer them over other modern fencing. Wood is suitable for commercial fencing because it is readily available, hence making it more affordable. When you settle for a wooden fence, you should never forget that it requires a lot of maintenance. We are the number one fence company Fayetteville NC residents trust to install fences for their farms. Our wood fencing techniques provide maximum privacy, and such fences are also ideal for fencing farming equipment stores.

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Barbed Wire

Developed during the 1800s when there was a huge demand for wood used in fencing and construction projects, barbed wire has actually been in use for centuries. Therefore, it can be considered a traditional fencing method. Though barbed wire is illegal in some states in the US, it is inexpensive and effective at deterring intruders. 

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Woven Wire

Woven wire is the perfect option for poultry, goats, sheep, pigs, and other various farm animals. Our woven wires will prevent them from any attempts to escape, be it by flying or climbing through the fence. Ranch owners who own horses prefer this fencing method because equines are not likely to tangle in a woven wire fence. Using woven wires has been one of our areas of specialization since we have mastered the art over the years of service around North Carolina.

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High Tensile Wire

Our high tensile wire fencing is an option residents prefer because of its durability. If you want a fence that will last for more than 50 years, look no further than a high tensile wire fence. For high tensile wire fences, we have both smooth and woven designs (and its maintenance is quite affordable!) 

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Electric fences have gained popularity over the past two decades. We have experienced a surge in the number of farm owners who want to install an electric fence because electric fences are relatively inexpensive to set up and maintain. An electric fence will ensure your safety from intruders and wild animals.

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