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Common Commercial Metal Fence Fayetteville NC Inhabitants and Order From Our Company

Keeping your business safe should be every employer’s top priority. We are Pro Fencing Fayetteville NC and we provide all fence installation and repair to commercial/industrial spaces, institutions, and government projects. We specialize in ensuring that your business is safe and secure. 

Metals Used in Commercial Fencing

Commercial fencing private properties and businesses has been a dream come true for our company. To ensure that your private property is secure, we often use metal.  Metal is a durable material that has been used in fencing for many years following the discovery of metals years ago. Being a fence company Fayetteville NC investors trust, we provide metal fence installation for commercial fencing at affordable prices. Most of the metal fence work is done off-site and we use only high-quality metals such as aluminium, steel, iron, chain link, and ornamental. 

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Our selection of aluminum fences is the most versatile you can find in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. From public property such as parks and pools pools, aluminum is a precious metal because it is corrosion-resistant and aesthetically appealing. Today, aluminum metals are painted and are readily available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Aluminum fences can match any terrain because of their versatility. It is pocket-friendly as compared to other metals. Perhaps the most crucial feature of aluminum fences is that it is an environmentally friendly metal; this is why it’s used to fence Fayetteville NC parks.

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For commercial fencing, we mainly use tubular steel and stainless steel. Steel is the most common metal material used in commercial fencing because it is readily available in the market. Steel is always our metal of choice because of its durability and strength, which allows for the construction of up to 8-foot panels. Steel fences can last for many years and they also require only minor repair or maintenance costs. Steel must be welded to join parts; this is what makes it even stronger.

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When it comes to fencing Fayetteville NC, we often use iron. Using iron is an obvious choice for most of our industrial clients because iron provides a vintage look, but its endurance is stronger. Most of our industrial clients settle for iron because of its durability, allowing it to hold its ground between 25 to 30 years. Iron can withstand a lot of pressure and external forces such as environmental factors.

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Chain Link

Chain link metal fence is also known as diamond wire mesh because of its diamond-shaped openings. We use either galvanized iron wire or coated iron wire to aid a machine that will transform them into a chain link fencing material for chain link fences. We offer chain link fences in different sizes and lengths depending on the proposed commercial fence’s intended purpose. Chain link is currently being used successfully to fence Fayetteville NC, and the surrounding areas.

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Our ornamental metal fence bears similarities in style with the traditional wrought iron metal fence. We fabricate decorative fences from hollow metal bars instead of the actual forging to enhance affordability. Since we are a fence company Fayetteville NC entrepreneurs prefer, we employ fence contractors who understand landscaping because an ornamental fence shows off the landscape around your business space, while at the same time, conveys tight security.

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