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Handrail Installation and Repair

We have done a lot of research on handrail designs for our clients because Fayetteville, North Carolina, is a rapidly growing city, and research on modern handrails has ensured that we are a fence company Fayetteville NC residents trust. We are currently working on collaborative projects aimed at fencing Fayetteville NC, and the surrounding areas. We are excited to share these new projects with our clients soon!

Types of Handrails

Safety is the core reason for most railings, especially those used in modern cities such as Fayetteville, North Carolina. We have two different types of railings: namely handrails and guardrails. 

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Our handrails are designed to enable firm and easy grasping since they are smoothly shaped with defined edges for a tighter hold. Our handrails are strong enough to provide stability for several years and also act as a guide, so our clients remain protected with our unique handrails if one stumbles or loses balance.

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We are the only fence company Fayetteville NC residents trust with designing guardrails that can offer maximum security in a wide range of situations. Our team of elite fencing professionals have designed guardrails that protect you from falling off platforms or landing decks and we also have a wide range of portable guardrails that can be used for events with on-the-go contractors. Our guardrails are strong enough to resist a lot of pressure and force when someone pushes or falls against them.

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Materials Used for Handrails

Our clients get to choose one type of material or even a combination of both for their handrails. Our metal handrails tend to have a commercial-style aura, while wood handrails have a traditional touch. We have made fencing easier by stocking ready-made handrails.

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Aluminium, iron, and steel are the top three metals we use for our handrails. Our clients still have the freedom to choose any other metal that they would want for their custom handrail designs. Aluminum handrails have gained immense popularity within a decade because it suits most of our clients since it is a non-corrosive metal and does not require constant repair and maintenance work. We have also installed several steel and iron handrails all over Fayetteville City and surrounding areas for both commercial and residential spaces.

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Our wooden handrails are designed to last long and appear as very vintage. The incredible thing about wooden handrails is that they can be shaped, drawn, and painted. It has a delicate shape and elegant curves that stand out from other wooden handrails made from other fence companies.  Our wood handrails are very comfortable because of the specially designed smooth edges. 

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We are proud to say that we have served thousands of clients who were impressed with our team of designers. Combined handrails are made for two or more materials such as metal and wood or metal and glass. We custom design handrails using a combination of different materials according to our client’s order. 

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