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Pro Fencing Fayetteville NC - Fence Repair

Fences endure a lot of elements, including weather, temperature, natural calamities, and accidents. We provide professional repair services in and around Fayetteville, North Carolina. Our team is quick to respond, especially during an emergency. We offer the following repair services:

Fencing Fayetteville NC homes and businesses is what we have specialized in, but we also offer repair services for fences and handrails. We consider how to repair some of our fences and handrails based on the materials used for both commercial and residential customers.

Most Common Repairs We Perform

Pro Fencing Fayetteville NC is the most trusted fence company Fayetteville NC has to offer for all your fence and handrail repair and installation.  

Chain Link Repair

Although our chain link fences are the most durable solution for fencing homes and businesses, there comes a time when it starts to rust, so keep an eye on your fence in case it starts to rust. If we are the ones who installed the fence for you, it can go up to 20% rust before you replace it. If a chain link rail breaks because of natural calamities, falling trees, or accidents, call us in for a replacement. 

Wrought Iron Repair

Our iron fences are strong and durable, but they are still vulnerable to damage when exposed to certain conditions. Iron fence repairs require well-trained professionals because without the right tools and skills, fatal accidents do occur. Repairs for both handrails and fences are only possible when they are not severely damaged. 

Vinyl Repair

We are the best fence company Fayetteville NC residents trust with installing high-quality vinyl fences. Our vinyl fences are known for their longevity and durability, but they are not vulnerable to rot or insects such as termites or wood-boring beetles. Vinyl fences are also resilient to natural elements such as temperature and weather. Most vinyl fences are damaged by natural calamities and accidents, which often break the fence. A broken vinyl fence cannot be repaired, but that section of the fence can be replaced. 

Wood Repair

Apart from being inexpensive, our wood fences are popularly known for providing maximum privacy and security. The bad news is that elements such as temperature, weather, and accidents can damage a wood fence or catalyze rot. The good news is that our team of professionals are equipped with the necessary skills needed to replace the rotting or broken part of your fence or handrail. Wood fences are also exposed to severe climatic conditions, which often result in discoloration. We regularly paint and polish fences and handrails for our clients to avoid massive repair costs when the fence is damaged. We also replace old wood fences if the repair cost is higher than the cost of replacement. 

Aluminium Repair

Our aluminum handrails and fences last longer because they are easy to maintain. Most repairs are done with simple tools, but it doesn’t mean that you can do it alone; skilled professionals can only handle aluminum repairs. You should not wait too long to repair aluminum damages because if you wait too long, minimal damages often cause structural weakness. 

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