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Vinyl Fence Fayetteville NC

Are you ready to explore alternatives to traditional fencing such as a wood fence? We have the answer! A vinyl fence from Pro Fencing Fayetteville NC is all you need. Vinyl fence is a plastic-like material manufactured from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Thanks to the introduction of vinyl fencing, homes can be successfully fenced in one day! Vinyl is a fence Fayetteville NC inhabitants have used for the past two decades; the best thing about it is that none of our clients has called us in for repairs after the installation because it is a very tough material, since it is non-biodegradable and readily available in the local market. Therefore, it is classified as an inexpensive fencing material, and it is also rare for it to need repair and maintenance.

How We Build a Vinyl Fence

Building a vinyl fence heavily depends on its component’s ability to interlock. Our team of professionals has to make sure that all the necessary features are available to make the kit complete before leaving for a site. We have specially designed vinyl fence components to make it stronger and durable. We mainly deal with two major types of vinyl fences: vinyl picket fence and vinyl privacy fence. 

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Vinyl Picket Fence

We build vinyl picket fences by anchoring pipes that are driven deep into the ground using a sledgehammer, and then we slide hollow posts over the anchored pipes like sleeves and repeat the process. Two anchor pipes are then used as a section where the fence panels are built, with one rail at the top, another one at the bottom, and several pickets that run through the rails.

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Vinyl Privacy Fence

Vinyl privacy fences are taller, towering at around six- foot. We build such fences by anchoring fence posts (conventional 4 by 4) into the ground using a mixture of concrete, sand, and cement and we use the poles to support the vinyl fence. It is a straightforward method because these fences are pre-built.

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Vinyl Fence Repair and Maintenance

Vinyl fences have a low repair and maintenance cost because of the material’s nature, but only if you purchase the material from a fence company Fayetteville NC inhabitants trust. Vinyl fences are not porous; this means that cleaning them is as easy as spraying them with water from a hosepipe at high pressure. We do not usually paint or stain vinyl fences because the material is rigid and it can withstand different climatic conditions. 

Advantages of a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are growing more popular for obvious reasons such as:

Pro Fencing Fayetteville NC is a fence company Fayetteville NC residents choose to purchase vinyl fence components because we only deal with high-quality material.  Today vinyl fence is the most popular product used to fence homes because of its relatively low installation and repair cost. 

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