Residential Wood Fencing Fayetteville NC

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Residential Wood Fence Fayetteville NC Particulars

We provide a wide range of domestic fence installation and repairs as well as decorative fencing for your home. Most of these fencing projects are usually custom-made, but we also have ready-made fences on demand for events. As a fence company Fayetteville NC residents trust with their security, we promise to deliver quality services at an affordable price. We install and repair fences in residential areas within short notice. We primarily use three primary types of fence material in residential areas: wood, vinyl and a metal and wood combo fence.

Why Choose Pro Fencing Fayetteville NC for Residential Wood Fencing

We have compiled a list of reasons why choosing to work with us will benefit you:

  • Installation and repairs are inexpensive
  • We install a perfect wood fence 
  • Fencing Fayetteville NC has always been our company dream 
  • The wood used is pressure treated
  • The wood used is naturally weather and insect resistant
  • Keeps off intruders and protects your home
  • Improves backyard privacy
  • A variety of styles to choose from, including: concave, convex, unpainted, board on board, lattice, etc.  

The Benefits of Pro Fencing Building Your Fence


A wood fence can add value to your home if its design and installation correctly use suitable materials. We supply quality residential wood fences that residents prefer. Wooden fences are ideal for decorative purposes, but they can also protect your home from intruders. It adds privacy to your life by keeping your walls high enough that no one can either climb or jump over them. Using wooden fences has also made it possible to keep your children and pets safe while playing in the yard. We provide additional wooden fencing options, including:

Types of Wood Fence

There is a wide array of wood our clients can select for their fence. We will offer you the best prices and provide professional advice on which type of wood will be suitable for your home, depending on different factors such as climate, pests, installation purpose, and many more. The most common type of wood we use is pressure-treated:

We use unique wood stain colors, which help seal the wood to protect it from external elements. The type of wood used will also determine the kind of finishing of the wood fence.

Wood Fence Customization

We have ready-made designs for a wood fence Fayetteville NC inhabitants prefer most, but we can also design a custom-made fence for our customers. Custom designs are done with our professionals to protect our client’s households and compliment their home. Our designs are second to none, for they can last for more than 20 years without the need for any repair or maintenance. We also paint wood or leave it to age naturally, depending on what our customers would like.

Residential Wood Fence for Animals

For those who have large farm animals such as horses, a stunning paddock-style wood fence would be the best solution to keep them safe. Such tasks can be accomplished by a fence company Fayetteville NC occupants are familiar with: Pro Fencing Fayetteville NC. We have several time-tested styles to make sure our fences are strong enough to keep the animals safe. Most of our customers prefer to fit their wooden fence for animals with electric wires to discourage domestic animals from getting out and keeping wandering dogs, reptiles, and rodents away.

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